12 Unique Tips for Small to Large Company Websites

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The internet is the strongest source of information in the world. Search engines carry many domains and these domains should provide search engines accurate information to become visible by relevancy. With new trends coming out on the web, new improvements come to web design. Read below the 12 unique website tips that apply to both small companies and large companies.



1-Web Colors. Colors have a true meaning behind them. Depending on what tone a companies brand identity represents, up to 3 colors should be selected to create the color scheme of the website.


Quick Color Selection Tip: Always avoid using very bright colors or dim color choices.


2-Font Styles. Google fonts have opened up a new world to regular web design. The normal Ariel and Times Roman fonts are pushed to the side and google fonts have come into the picture with an army of different font styles.


Quick Font Tip: Select 2 different google font styles for a company website.


3-Custom Div Classes. Custom div classes make a web design script very custom and simple for a developer to make any further changes to the script in a fast time.


4-Markup Check. A web page may look absolutely marvelous on the outside,but the inside matters just as much! Without a clean coded web design, errors can be massive and a web page can fall back in ranks. Every company should have their web page checked internally for any errors. The W3C validator is a free online service that allows websites to check their internal script. The average person can paste in their URL, upload their full script, or copy and paste the coding onto the W3C designated web section. The W3C will then automatically show all the errors that a script may have. The most common error detected is unclosed div tags. The W3C is a great and free way of correcting the internal website markup. Every company should run their script with the W3C to ensure that they few to no errors at all.


5-Photo Quality. Photos matter! Companies should have quality photography to fully represent their brand. These photos may be self-taken or found through a creative commons search.Creative commons photography has provided millions of free photos for websites to use.


Quick Note: Read all the different sublicense in Creative Commons photos. Some sublicense may have rules for commercial and noncommercial use.


6-Photo Size. Reduce the size of a photo by compression. High resolutions photos may look great,but they do propose a big size. When compressing a photo, the size of the photo will be reduced and the overall quality will be preserved. This is a great solution to reduce the size of a photo without cropping it out or reducing the overall quality.


7-Javascript Animations.Replace your Flash with Javascript. Javascript effects are very popular and lightweight for a web page. The most popular javascript effect today is the Parallax Scrolling Effect. This effect is accompanied by the 1-page web design.


8-Reduce Javascript Files.Although javascript is light weight, too many javascript files can buff up a website in weight. A company should only use 2 -3 javascript files that they really need and remove all other unnecessary or unused files on the script.


9-Responsive Web Design.A  responsive layout is a top must do. With the various amount of devices out there today, a web page must fit in all of these different screen shapes. A responsive web design will auto resize for all screen sizes. Setting the width to 100% in CSS is a quick trick to make any web page responsive.


10-Mobile Friendly Layout. Mobile design is rocking the web design market! The 1-page design is the perfect idol to showcase what the ideal mobile design layout should look like. A mobile friendly layout includes increased overall page view, larger buttons, larger font sizes,and vibrant colors.


11-Extra Element Removal. Remove all the extra elements that may take up space on a web page. This includes those extra widgets on the home page. Keep a company homepage focused and with a direct meaning. Too many elements on the web page will direct a web visitors

attention and it may cause a web visitor to not understand what the website is mainly about.


12-Proper SEO. The most important part of having a website for a small or large company is SEO. Google has millions and millions of domains in its search engine. With this amount of domains, search robots base a website on certain key factors before ranking it on the search engine. Proper SEO must be done through the internal script of a website before the final FTP. The top 3 most important parts of SEO are Meta Tags, Main Title Tag, and Unique content.


Follow these 12 unique tips above to advance your companies web design!


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By Nicole | October 10, 2016